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  Standox Premium Paints by DuPont 

Exterior Paint Services Offered:

  • Plastic Bumper Refinish - from $375.00
  • Scratch Removal / Repair - from $75.00
  • Rock Chip Damage Repair - from $65.00
  • Minor Body Repair - from $150.00
  • Body Panel Replacement

        Fenders, Hoods, Trunk Lids, Hatches, Headlights, Tail light

        Save 25 - 50% on parts when you use our sevices

All paint work is using OEM base coat/clear coat process like the factory

Special clear coat drys to drivable hardness in 30 minutes or less!

All work guaranteed for LIFE! against cracking, peeling, fading

Free Estimates: Send photos of damaged area to

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